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Diasen Acriflex Rapido, Grey

Price PHP22,500.00

One-component water based waterproofing with high-speed drying. Liquid and ready to use, formulated with elastomeric resins that can be applied outside, in case of low temperature and of high relative humidity level. Flexible, crack bridging and stagnant water resistant after a few hours from application. It is suitable for concrete-asbestos encapsulation, according to the current regulations in force.

Diasen Vapostop

Price PHP8,060.00

One-component water based primer formulated with modified-silanepolymers and designed  for  concrete supports. Created to increase the adhesion degree waterproofing and acrylic coatings, the  product creates a vapour barrier and avoids the development of blistering phenomenon and  detachments caused by moisture. It can be applied even on moist supports, it is water resistant, it has excellent anti-degradation properties of concrete surfaces and it stops the carbonation phenomenon as well

Diasen WATStop, Black

Price PHP13,800.00

Epoxy-cement waterproofing (Water Barrier)Three component epoxy resin to waterproof both with negative and positive pressure, to be used as osmotic over undergorund walls, to encapsulate rising damp and to realize a vapour over moist subtract. The product is formulated with a special epoxy resin (Part A), a catalyst (part B) and special cement (part C)

General Membrane Sagitta

Price PHP2,733.33

This is an APP (Attactic Polypropylene) plastomeric type modified waterproofing membrane. It  consists of a specially formulated bituminous compound of distilled asphalt that is modified with selected high grade visco-elastic polymers and inert filler.  APP material has a very good heat stability, very high softening point and good workability, specially in sub-tropic and tropic climate (like the Philippines). It can also be used in the exposed roofing system.